National Scholarship Honor Roll



Many organizations and wealthy individuals have established Scholarship endowments that provide scholarship awards to students over many years.  The interest income earned by the Michael Jackson Scholarship Endowment has allowed it to award scholarships to thousands of students for more than 25 years.


Tom Joyner, a graduate of Tuskegee, and member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., has raised more than $55 million to help good students. Over 14,000 students have received scholarships from the Tom Joyner Foundation. 


Drs. Camille and William Cosby have donated more than $30 million to Spelman, Fisk, Howard, Meharry Medical School, Bethune-Cookman, Central State, Florida A&M and Shaw University.


Legendary entertainer Ray Charles has donated over $20 million to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Morehouse, Dillard, Wilberforce, and Albany State University have received multi-million dollar contributions from the Ray Charles Foundation.


The Oprah Winfrey Endowed Scholarship Fund has a goal of helping 1000 students to attend and graduate from Morehouse College.  Oprah has donated more than $12 million to Morehouse to meet this goal.




Flip Wilson was born Clerow Wilson Jr. in 1933.  Flip Wilson was one of eighteen children.  Flip spent many years in reform school and foster homes before he joined the U.S. Air Force in 1949.  A natural entertainer, Flip was soon touring military bases to uplift his fellow servicemen.  He left the military in 1954 and by 1960 he was a regular at the Apollo, the Tonight Show, Laugh In and the Ed Sullivan Show.  The Flip Wilson Show first aired in 1970.  Flip Wilson went on to win Golden Globe, Emmy and Grammy Awards as an entertainer.   The Flip Wilson Memorial Journalism Scholarships were established with the support of his publicist Kathleen Fearn-Banks.  Ms Kathleen Fearn-Banks is on the faculty of the University of Washington.   Ms Fearn-Banks is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.  The Flip Wilson Memorial Journalism Scholarships offers $21,449 to cover one year of tuition, room and board books and fees.  Students in their senior year who attend Rutgers University, the University of Washington, Wayne State University, and Howard University in Washington, D.C. are eligible to apply.


W.E.B Dubois

B.A. Fisk University, B.A., M.A., PhD Harvard



Financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and fellowships for African American students has been available for many years.  Often these funds were allocated in response to charges of discrimination made against particular universities and other establishment institutions.  After the Civil War, a number of foundations were established to help rebuild the South.  In many instances these funds prohibited contributions to Negroes.  The Peabody Education Fund at Vanderbilt University is an example.


The Slater Fund was established in 1882 for the education of Freedmen.  John Fox Slater donated $1,000,000 in 1882 to establish the John F. Slater Fund for the Education of Freedmen.  The Slater Fund was instrumental in supporting, Spelman Seminary, Fisk University, Hampton University, Tuskegee Institute, Fisk University, Claflin University, and the Slater State Normal and Industrial School (Winston-Salem State University).


The chairman of the Slater Fund was former President Rutherford Hayes.  President Hayes thought the chance of locating worthy candidates for financial support was nonexistent.  Despite his belief that blacks were not suited for advanced study, Hayes was quoted to say, "If there is any young colored man in the South whom we find to have a talent for art or literature or any special aptitude for study, we are willing to give him money from the education fund to send him to Europe to give him advanced education."  ´Boston Herald, November 2, 1890.


Dubois wrote to Hayes to request a scholarship since he met those qualifications.  His request went unanswered.  Dubois accused the President of defaming African Americans since the fund had no intention of providing scholarships for Negroes.  The fund and its board were being used as a pulpit from which to make the claim that Negroes were only suited for industrial education.  Dubois challenged the integrity of the board since they had not awarded funds to any students.  Dubois received the Master of Arts degree from Harvard University in 1892 and continued to forward letters of recommendation to Rutherford Hayes.   Through his persistence and scholarship, the Slater fund awarded Dubois $750 to finance a year of study in Europe at the University of Heidelberg.  W.E.B. Dubois went on to earn his PhD. in Sociology from Harvard University.   

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Matal Lawson Jr., $1.2 Million Scholarship Donation


There are many well known individuals and organizations that assist students attend and complete their college education by providing scholarships, grants and fellowships.

The majority of scholarship contributions come from everyday individuals who contribute due to their faith, personal ethic, or desire to see others succeed where they were denied an opportunity.  Mr. Matal Lawson of the Ford Motor Company donated more than $1.2 million over his lifetime to provide scholarships for students.  Mr. Matal Lawson was a Ford Motor Company fork lift driver for more than 50 years.  An African American,   Matal Lawson Jr. was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1921 during a time in America where oppression and racial discrimination were the norm.  As a child born during the Great Depression, Mr. Lawson was only able to complete the 9th grade.  Mr. Lawson made his first major contribution in 1991 after watching the Michigan UNCF telethon.  

He contributed $30,000 to the UNCF at that time.  Over the next five years he contributed more than $200,000 to the charity.  Mr. Lawson later established endowed scholarships at Wayne State University and Louisiana State University at Shreveport.  

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